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Directly above shot of delivery men unloading cardboard boxes from trucks on the street

Efficient Man & Van Services In Dudley

Are you in need of reputable man and van services in Dudley? Look no further than MDB Couriers Ltd. Whether it's urgent time-critical deliveries, handling tenders, or organising small house removals, we have just the right solutions for you. Our dedicated courier service ensures that your items, from envelopes to pallets, reach their destination swiftly and securely. With a range of vehicles available, including small vans, Lutons, and 44T artic flatbeds, we can transport anything up to 1200kgs and 4.2m in length. Choose from next-day, economy, and same-day delivery services based on your urgency and budget. 

At MDB Couriers Ltd, we prioritise the safety and efficiency of your consignments, offering multiple drop-offs and handling larger items upon request. Trust us for all your delivery needs. We have undertaken projects like eBay items carried, demonstrating our expertise. Reach out today to experience professional service and seamless logistics for your business or personal requirements.

Explore Our Fleet 

Courier van full of parcels and boxes

Small Vans

Ideal for quick parcel delivery, our small vans are perfect for transporting smaller items such as letters, parcels, and small packages. They offer flexibility and efficiency for time-critical deliveries and multiple drop-offs.


Flatbed vehicles offer an open and flat cargo space, making them suitable for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped items. They are versatile for small house removals, handling exhibition materials, or transporting heavy machinery.

A delivery man standing behind a courier van on phone with a stack of boxes and parcels


Long wheelbase (LWB) and extra long wheelbase (XLWB) vans provide additional space for larger loads without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Suitable for small house removals, these vans ensure a smooth transportation process for bulkier items.

Curtain Siders

Curtain siders are versatile trucks with sliding curtains on each side. Ideal for efficient loading and unloading, they are well-suited for deliveries of palletised goods, offering ease of access for quick and secure transportation.

Packed boxes lying on the ground beside a moving van, ready for transportation


Luton vans feature an extended box over the cab, providing additional vertical space. Perfect for small house removals or transporting larger furniture items, Lutons offer a balance of capacity and flexibility.


With increased payload capacity, the 18-tonne truck is well-equipped to handle more extensive loads, making it suitable for larger house removals, exhibition services, and transporting heavier or bulkier goods.

Moving van outside house


The 7.5-tonne truck is suitable for medium-sized loads, making it an ideal choice for various deliveries, including small house removals, exhibition services, and transporting palletised freight efficiently.

44T Artic Flatbed

Designed for heavy-duty transport, the 44-tonne artic flatbed is ideal for moving oversized or extremely heavy items. This versatile vehicle is well-suited for transporting engineering goods, ADR goods, and palletised freight on a larger scale.

Moving Made Easy! Call Us On 07813 034327 For A Hassle-Free Man And Van Service. Your Dependable Partner For Smooth And Fast Deliveries!

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